Healthy starts for families (HSF)

Anyone who has children knows how important it is to give them a good start in life. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help the entire family develop positive habits.

The Healthy Starts for Families initiative, encourages healthy living at home. Families are inspired to make simple changes in their own lifestyle. This supports them on the path to better health.

The Family Health Study documents lasting, positive impacts and changes that occur in you and your family. The study is based on over 1.5 million participating families and 20 years of results.

Results of the Family Health Study

Sheenas Testimonial – Healthy Starts for Families Juice Plus


  1. Influence your children’s taste development.
  2. Feed your family the right sugars (carbohydrates).
  3. Feed your family the right fats.
  4. Give your family „growth – food“.
  5. Educate your children to eat „in bites“.
  6. Start the day with a breakfast that provides „brain food“.
  7. Provide your family with plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  8. Take your children to the grocery store.
  9. Supplement your daily diet with a fruit and vegetable based supplement.